This brilliant stage version of When Harry Met Sally has been faithfully adapted from the award-winning Hollywood movie starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan - one of the best-loved romantic comedies of all time. The story tells the hilarious tale of two New Yorkers, Sally, the obsessive compulsive yet hopelessly romantic journalist who is hoping to meet the perfect man and witty, top lawyer Harry the egotist! When they first meet Harry and Sally absolutely loath each other. But later, a chance meeting develops into a growing friendship as the story tracks the encounters between these two amusing and likeable characters. The "will they", "won't they" factor becomes a significant obstacle in their relationship as they discover the answer to the burning question: "can a man and a woman sleep together, and remain just good friends"?

By Nora Ephron
Adapted for the stage by Marcy Kahan
Directed by John Payton
Lighting by Paul Gould
Sound & Film by John Payton
Costumes by JP Blake

First performance of this production November 2010,

Madinat Theatre, Dubai





Harry John Cusworth
Sally Gillian Budd
Marie Lucy Hunter-James
Jack Matt Addis
Helen Tammy Joelle
Joe/Ira David Haydn
Woman in Diner Hayley Doyle

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